Days Run Out

by Glowing House

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released June 9, 2012


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Glowing House Denver, Colorado

"Hauntingly-hopeful" folk rock from two lyric-lovers. A growing staple in the Denver alternative scene.

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Track Name: All That Matters
Stick around everybody wins / Sooner or later / Truth be told it’s hard for me to tell the truth / To anyone but you / I lean into your conversation / Like a wind-blown tree / All it takes is all that matters / I run around like a machine / Abbreviating everything to red blue and green / Twisted gears oil and steel / Wanting everything impossible to feel / I tie a knot around your words / Like the world’s clumsiest thief / All it takes is all that matters / I see what this has become / Your voice moving through the auditorium / I see what this has become / Your voice booming through the auditorium / I stand alone in all of my flaws / I stand alone and give deafening applause / The lights go down and I finally breath / Like a castaway pulled from sea / All it takes is all that matters
Track Name: Any Part of Her
I’m in an ancient dilemma / With a list of victims long and wide / She was knee-high in things you can’t hide / Still I loved her nonetheless / And despite the hours with me I know / That I’m not any part of her / And regardless of who’s at fault this I know / That I’m not any part of her / Losing love is hard enough when / Two people split the weight / I think you’ll agree I’m walking twice as heavy / Then I ever have before / I never realized her hands were hard to find I would’ve known / That I’m not any part of her / Those stories she wove she said, “Oh the places we’ll go” how could I know / That I’m not any part of her / She put on quite a performance / I always knew right where the door was / But still I waited for the lights to go down / To finally take a good look around / And I found her veiled reminders / That I’m not any part of her / If she would let go my love would swallow her whole but she won’t / So I’m not any part of her / Is it just that easy for her to leave me behind / Where I’m not any part of her / I guess I’m not any part of her / But how could I not be any part of her
Track Name: Cut Me Loose
Don’t wrap me up in blankets / I’ll grab my suit and tie / Given the choice I’ll leave this life in style / I learned back in prison / To exaggerate my crimes / To make it now I’ll amplify my lies / By about a thousand times / Don’t spare me any details / They kind of turn me on / No need to push I’ll gladly come along / ‘Cause there’s so much potential / Without the golden rule / I’ll be turning killers into fools / So announce my name with a grin and I’ll take a bow / And I’ll slowly strut my way down to the crowd / I can’t think of a way I could possibly lose / ‘Cause I feel like someone finally cut me loose
Track Name: Taming Lions
They gave me a ten-minute head start and they started counting
I need a top-notch hiding spot I can hide out in
Don't be fooled they'll give you space in the chase for a reason
They wait for the perfect minute to stop the healing

My words give brand new meaning to the word defiance
I find that getting them to behave is like taming lions

I don't think there is a gauge that will save me
Somehow they overpower gunpowder like it's easy
No don't look now but I think I found a way that we can run
Don't loose your mind for any bit of time or you'll be done

I feel them breathing on my heels
I'm getting used to how it feels
Track Name: Cold Train
My oh my what a storm we’re in / You tie the knots and I’ll catch the wind / I swear we’ll get out of here with all the hairs on our head / Unless we choose to loose a few instead / I’ve rolled these dice time and time / Turns out all I needed was a partner in crime / Now we warm in the station as the cold train arrives / It’s all we can do to say goodbye / To the easy life / My oh my what a love we’re in / You be the legs and I’ll be the skin / I swear in any truth or dare I’ll give a hundred and ten / I’ll be honest if you promise to always jump in
Track Name: Your Name
You’re in line / With the biggest of aces / The prettiest faces / The world’s ever known / You come in / To the smell of liquor / This place got sicker / After you left / Feels like the more that we age / Our list of heroes needs less of the page / But I guarantee someone will write down your name
Track Name: Riverstone
Rise up before the dawn does / Dirty hands and faces / The symbol of a day not wasted / I wait for midday / I dip my hands into the water / Splash a face just like my mother’s / You’ve been so content / To stay while everything is rushing by / When I’ve begged you’ve said / They’re the water we’re the riverstone / You hold me so tightly / I’ve been first in line for every lesson / You the same for each confession / I know it’s hard to let go / You’ve painted pictures full of danger / How could this be any safer / You’ve been so content / To stay while everything is rushing by / When I dream you remind me / They’re the water we’re the riverstone / I hope I can learn to love the way that you love me / I know it takes a special heart / When the current comes to lift me comes to scratch me / Never think that I won’t feel your hands when we’re apart / Never think that I won’t hear your voice when it’s dark / You’ve been so content to stay while everything is rushing by / As I leave you remind me / They’re the water we’re the riverstone
Track Name: Let's Be the Ruffians
Lock the door don’t you talk to loud / We’re all here for the benefit of the doubt / Now raise your hands let’s all see / Honestly do we all believe / In something better than we have / Then let’s be the saboteurs let’s be the ruffians / We’ll from the inside out grabbing the weak and making them tough again / It’s all a ruse to make people feel / It’s all a ruse to make people feel like they’ve lost / It’s all a ruse to make people feel like they’ve lost control / One by one let’s say why we are here / How you came undone now tally up your fears / Lay them down beneath your feet / Stomp the floor before you leave / For something better than we have / Stomp hard so everyone will know
Track Name: Trouble
Hide me in your arms / There’s something in my room / Why can’t I know everything like a normal boy / Why can’t I see through every wall / I need you to fight every beast and every monster / All I know is to scream / Oh no here comes trouble / Tie my tie for me / Look me up and down / Tell me I’ll be better than everyone else today / Tell me they’ll hang on my every word
Track Name: Casualty
I am the one / Responsible / For taking the longest / Road possible / And sometimes I feel / Like a juggernaut’s heart / You won’t have to break him / To tear me apart / I sold it all too cheap / Could I have it back please / You are the one / The casualty / The minutes the hours / Waiting for me / Let’s make up a story / And slip past the guards / For an ultimate kiss / To push us apart / But it won’t be hard / My most lovely regards / To you
Track Name: Michael
We felt like cowboys / Sleeping out in the yard / I wanted to frame every one of your words / In the sky with the stars / Everything you said was far to real to be pretend / Nobody slept ‘cause nobody wanted that feeling to end / Michael I want you to burn out slowly / They came with handfuls / Of stones to be thrown / This town has a way of making you hide / From all you could know / Almost civilized on their horses forcing their concerns / Don’t get caught in the sting of people who think they have nothing to learn / If there was someone I want living / Long after my days run out / Someone to describe the history / Of the world I knew / It would be you
Track Name: Walking Through
Dawn again rises on every lawn / It went ‘round the world how far its come / A deep understatement to say, “How do you do?” / When you see me walking through to you / A mischievous grin nine decades in / If you pray you should pray that young at heart wins / Then we’ll boast and we’ll praise how little we grew / When you see me walking through to you / Twilight arrives to tuck in the day / A blanket of cool a blanket of grey / But we’ll be between nothing but greens and blues / When you see me walking through to you