The Down & Out EP

by Glowing House

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released March 23, 2013

All songs were written by Steve Varney and Jess Parsons
and then played for Phil Parker and Michael John McKee
and then arranged and performed by everyone.

Steve sang and played guitars and banjo.
Jess sang and played piano and organs.
Phil played cello and bass.
Michael played drums and other percussion.

Phil Parker recorded and mixed everything at:
his home in Boulder, Colorado
Jess and Steve’s house in Denver, Colorado
Mountain House in Nederland, Colorado

Garth West and Mike Yach mastered all of the songs at Immersive Studios in Boulder, CO.

Cameron Parsons took photographs and handled all visual design.  

Many thanks to Jessica Kooiman for letting us be roommates for a week, David for enabling the photo shoot at Mid Mod and More, Todd Adelman for his incredible mountain studio, Garth and Mike for working so hard, and Tom and Vickey Varney for watching Banjo.



all rights reserved


Glowing House Denver, Colorado

"Hauntingly-hopeful" folk rock from two lyric-lovers. A growing staple in the Denver alternative scene.

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Track Name: The Down & Out
No one caught my face against the glass
My frozen five speed laying on the grass
I never knew that their voices could be that loud and cross
I rode against the wind till I got lost

Well maybe I'm shaping up
To something I can be proud of
Come springtime I'll be running around
With what's left of the down and out

I ran with rough boys tough as any men
We held our arms high and coward every threat
When they finally asked me are you in or are you out
I pushed out my chest and hid my doubt

It was too much to ever understand
Strangers all held out their strongest hand
Watching both of my makers from guardian to ground
I'm gonna stay alive till I go down
Track Name: Motorcade
I've got the feeling I'm about to learn the difference
Between being young and acting more my age
You took your heart out and trusted me to hold it
I'd turn the table on you if they weren't bolted

My oh my what a mess I've made
Lock me up in the back of a motorcade
When the road runs out of signs
Let me out and I'll go give it another try

I'm on the blacklist traded my clothes for kindling
What was the point with what your eyes can see
You call me a skeptic of everything you hold dear
And banished me out to the road well at least they know me here

You've been holding to the widespread belief
That you'd be rewarded for every virtue you keep
Don't let me make you think that's foolish to believe
Track Name: Much Too Much
Show me your smile
I could carry you for miles and miles and miles
You're lighter than air
A billion more of me and no one would be scared

Everybody else I'm sorry to say
Was much too much too far for me to take

I heard it all
The crack of the branch and every inch to fall
A world away
I was finding reason after reason after reason to stay

Talk slower
I'm trying to make out all the names
My shoulders
All covered up in praise and blame
Track Name: Nobody Follow Me
I'm headstrong lately and you can't make me act another way
Swallow your words they're testing my will to stay
Walk the valley when you're without me and I think you'll find
There's nothing but black in the baggage you leave behind

Nobody follow me

You'll most likely raise arms to fight me every move I make
Leave all the blame this is not your mistake
It feels harder but you'll go farther than you've ever been
When you realize the peace in never hearing my voice again
Track Name: When the World Stands You Up
I'm losing my color now
I wish I'd known you when I was good and green
But I'm dancing deep down inside
I’m proud of all the follies that made me real

Never write in stone
You'll leave nowhere to go
You find what you're made of
When the world stands you up

Give me shroud from head to toe
Oh it will be romantic when I hit ocean
Then catch wind and drop the reins
Now carry every low like a small step forward